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Brand architecture

As a creative team consisting of architects, interior architects and communications specialists  we transform the business culture of our clients into a spatial experience and develop customised concepts. In workshops we get to know your business and optimise your methods of working. Through cooperations with universities and a continuous collaboration with experts we understand the challenges of tomorrows living and working spaces and are eager to make the world just a little bit better: more identification, more wellbeing, more flexibility, more success!

// we are innovative!


Every business is individual - as are all our concepts. With the help of your personal input combined with our creative Know-How we can tell your individual spatial story. We surprise with innovative design, and convince with planning solutions that are flexible and an optimised use of space. In addition we develop customised concepts for more enthusiasm at work, more motivation to work and more identification with work.

// we are different!

Change Management

We accompany you as a team of communications specialists, coaches, and planners on your way towards your business’ future. In our workshops we get to know you and your methods of working, optimise these and offer guidance and support even long beyond the completion of our work. We’re actively leading the direction and the pace of the changing processes for more success, more motivation and more satisfaction.

// we are flexible!

What's new? News, News...

NEW Next GmbH


The new workspace of NEW Netz combines corporate design with interactive and multifunctional elements of daily needs and at the same time strengthens identification with the company.

BYK-Chemie GmbH


Upcycling instead of a new building: With a new corporate design, bkp has turned old industrial hall into a new working environment and has set the starting point for the new BYK campus.

Euregio Clinic


At the new child and adolescent psychiatry of the Euregio Clinic, the recovery process of young patients is particularly promoted by therapeutically effective architecture.

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