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Even in digital times, the physical point of sale remains an important component of the point of sale, because it allows your brand to offer a spatial experience that is emotionally charged.

Already before Covid-19, online shopping, digital comparison and advice portals were on the rise as sales strategies and are now being promoted even further. Not only for customer service areas and retail concepts, but also for bank branches, that means a rethink at the point of sale is needed: an optimized customer experience must be offered at the physical contact points. 

Following the example of Google, Amazon, Apple & Co., people today expect simplicity, speed and relief through products and services. As a pioneer on the market, the example of Amazon Prime shows how successful bundled services are and what comfort the user gets from them. In the financial services sector, too, there are such simple and useful mergers of service components, as the example of Apple Pay shows: Payment is smartly linked to the popular iPhone and offers the user simplicity and convenience. 

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The success factors of such formats are the optimal customer journey and intelligent processes designed from the customer’s perspective. If this example is taken as a model, new strategies can also be developed for the PoS, where user needs and how they can be met locally are the most important factors. After all, in addition to online services, the physical point of sale can still be an essential part of the overall package.

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Success factors for your concept include:

Addressing your customers at eye level and not at “contact points”.

Digital-Points for targeted consulting of non-digital-savvy customers.

Innovation areas for more confidence in the progressiveness of your company.

Successfully bundled services can thus be a strategic overall concept for the PoS of the future and, in combination with an emotional design, complete your brand presence. 

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We have been implementing innovative banking and retail concepts for over 25 years and have been rethinking the PoS ever since. We know which megatrends are decisive for you and use sinus milieu analyses to develop a strategy matching to your desired customers. 

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We accompany you on the journey to the Next Level PoS and offer not only the right strategy but also the complete change management by including your employees and making the way into the future a common goal. Finally, with our many years of experience, we also implement the jointly developed concept in all planning and construction phases and accompany you beyond completion. 

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