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bkp stands for one mission: To design your future and make your world a better place!

We are a group of architects, interior designers, strategy consultants and communications experts. As such, we not only provide our planning expertise to support your project, but work with you to develop the right strategy for your construction projects, taking care of any change processes right up to the finish line. In a joint workshop at management level, we define your long-term goals as well as your corporate culture. This is followed by meetings with your staff to learn more about the specifics of your various departments. Based on this, we will build a customised concept for redesigning your property and implement it right away. This creates organisational identification and forges an emotional bond in order to make your company a better place for your staff and customers.

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New Work und neue Arbeitswelten - Schaubild Strategie und Umsetzung


We always start with the basics. Firstly, we find out what matters to you for the future and identify areas where processes could be optimised. We will ask questions, such as: How would you like to be perceived by your staff and customers in the future? How do you create organisational identification and attract competent talent? What role will your buildings and facilities have to play in this? In addition, we examine what the proportion of remote versus on-site work will be like in future, what types of space you require to work efficiently, flexibly and cost-effectively, and how you can make best use of the spaces you have.

Based on your responses and your needs, we will develop a strategy to improve your working environment and deduce guidelines for the use of your buildings that will lead your company into the future.

We see ourselves as visionaries and a driving force, always keeping an eye on current megatrends. We are communications experts who actively drive change management. We are a creative team of award-winning architects and interior designers whose experience and ideas make it possible to live corporate culture in terms of space. We provide competent and personalised advice throughout the change process, before we begin implementing the construction work.



We will turn your executives into multipliers for your staff and develop a plan to introduce and communicate the new guidelines. This will ensure that the strategic decisions are accepted and implemented at all levels. The newly defined working environments and the visionary culture of togetherness will be introduced at a joint launch event.

There will also be smaller workshops involving your employees, which will allow us to take the specifics of individual departments into account within the pre-defined parameters. Continually involving and talking to the whole team creates enthusiasm and community spirit for your future working environment. Ultimately, acceptance is the key to success.



Based on the results, we will develop a detailed plan and the specific requirements for the redesign or construction of your property, in order to lend recognition value to your brand architecture. With over 25 years of experience in project management, we execute every step throughout the process, from feasibility study to handing over the keys. In other words, we strive to be the best partner for your project and pursue a holistic approach, from layout planning and shaping the corporate culture to executing the design concept. We offer all this under one roof, with consistent contacts and smooth communications. In addition, our transparent organisational structure provides security in terms of costs and deadlines for your project from start to finish.

To allow you to delve into your new environment before it’s even completed, virtual reality, rendering and drawings are all part of the planning process. These will give you a flavour of how our joint ideas and goals are taking shape. We will provide continued follow-up once the project is completed; measuring your success is part and parcel of a positive outcome.
Let us start designing your future together and make the world a better place for you, your staff and your customers! The effective interaction of flexibility, cost-efficiency, identification, motivation and satisfaction are the key to your success.

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