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we are bkp!

The future is NOW: Together we will develop your future workspace and branch.

flexibility and space optimization Intelligent and space optimized floor plans save costs. Multifunctional room systems create flexibility and safety for the future.

In the past 5 years the technological development is advancing as fast as in the past 50 years!

communication and interaction Innovations are a result of exchanges of knowledge: project work and spontaneous exchange require new spatial design.

80% of ideas are a result of communication.

regional focus In times of digitalization and mobile working the local region and the own company are important reference points: "feeling at home" creates attachment and trust for clients and employees.

Next to "organic", regionality is the new biggest trend.

bkp - New Work Themenwelten Filialgestaltung Architektur .

sustainability A sustainable office design optimizes investment and subsequent costs, improves the image and brand value and contributes to the protection of the environment.

40% of german company focus on ecologically sustainable design.

identification and work-life-balance In the future employee recruitment will be the next big challenge: Employees focus on personal identification with the company and realizing their own goals.

Create identification: customers and employees become a fan of your company!

Change Management Based on workshops with decision-makers we set the course for a successful project. Through early integration of employees in the optimization process we create trust and enthusiasm.

We don´t want to "renovate" buildings - our aim is to cultivate a new spirit!


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