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Health-promoting rooms, individually adapted to the treatments, for more identification of patients and staff - and your success.

How Architecture
can cure

In 1984, a study by the professor of architecture Roger Ulrichs scientifically proved that patients with the same treatment recovered more quickly if they could see trees instead of a concrete wall from their room. The health-promoting effect of nature, materials, light quality and room acoustics has been scientifically confirmed several times over. Nevertheless, these factors are consistently implemented in very few health care facilities. The highest hygienic requirements and necessary functionalities are regarded as barriers to the of architecture that promotes healing.

Thanks to digitalization, the “all-knowing patient” faces the healthcare system at eye level and demands health-promoting living environments as a normal state of affairs.

The patient makes their decision for or against a health facility not only on the basis of its specialist expertise but also on the basis of attractive architecture and internet presence.

Warteraum - Praxisgestaltung vom Profi - bkp GmbH


In addition to this feel-good effect for patients, optimal working conditions for staff also play an important role in the Healing Architecture concept.

Hence, a defined strategic orientation and the resulting consistent implementation of a custom-made design concept can not only accelerate the healing process, but also generate trust and appreciation for the acquisition of new patients in advance and promote the identification and motivation of employees.

what we
do for you

We work with you to develop your unique selling point compared to your competitors, because we are aware of the current megatrends and know that the all-knowing patient will, in the future, also significantly include your premises in their decision-making process.

Together with you, we develop a strategy for optimized work processes, more employee satisfaction and well-being for patients - for this we use our bkp 360° approach.


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