Together we develop your customized working environments, accompany cultural change and ensure enthusiasm and identification - for your employees and customers.

The pandemic has abruptly changed our everyday office life. Home office and virtual meetings have now become a natural part of the working day. According to a study, more than half of those surveyed said they work more productively from home and two-thirds said they were able to better balance family and career in this way.

75% of the participants stated they lack real contact with colleagues. While more than three-quarters stated that they would also like to work from home in the future - at least in part.

Even before the pandemic, only 65% of a workplace was occupied due to absences from illness, vacations and external appointments. Now, when employees work from their home office for two days, for example, this capacity utilization drops to just 40%.

In addition, activities that were previously carried out in individual offices will in the future also take place partly in the home office. For this reason, companies now have the opportunity to rethink their space utilization with desk sharing models and thus save costs.

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At the same time, an employees’ identification with their own company becomes even more significant, because it is important that they feel part of the whole despite flexible working locations. Project rooms, coffee points, work lounges and workshop rooms in companies invite employees to work interactively with colleagues.
Well thought-out hygiene regulations, restructured cleaning concepts and well-ventilated rooms will be a matter of course in the future. Because in addition to flexible working from home, the office will be even more important than before the pandemic as a place of encounter, togetherness and identification with one’s own company.

Not only our already realized projects and our constant trend research, but also our direct cooperation with universities and the specialists of the future make us experts in the field of working environments. We are impulse initiators, and not only do we launch processes together with you, but we also accompany these processes in a targeted manner until after the move in with our bkp 360° approach.


We know how important it is to position yourself in today’s market and to make your corporate culture an internal and external experience for both employees and customers.

What is your speciality? What makes you stand out?
How do you want to be perceived by employees and customers?

Together with you, we work out the right answers to these questions and develop your tailor-made new working environment for a successful future.  

Because we want to make the world a better place with our projects, the path to the goal is an important success factor for us. We aim to take people with us on this journey. We accompany the cultural change holistically and thus ensure that your employees are more enthusiastic and identify with the change, thus creating long-term commitment.

With our many years of experience as architects and interior designers, we also accompany you along the entire construction process through to completion and remain your strong partner in the future.

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