There’s a time for everything. Activities

bkp-ianer op de Kö
Carnival in Düsseldorf 2018

Great time in Great Britain
Trip to Brighton 2017

bkp-ianer op de Kö
Carnival in Düsseldorf 2018

As a jury in use
Innovation award architecture+ presentation 2017

Magical Töwerland
Trip to Juist 2016

Schneggle & Biable at the Wasen
Trip to Stuttgart 2015

Joy of life – crisis as a chance
BVMW New Year Party 2015

As a jury innovation on the track
Innovation award architecture+ office 2014

bkp - Planung Büroräume Corporate identity Umbau Bürogebäude .

Hartelik welkom! Bienvenu à Bruxelles!
Trip to Brussels 2014

bkp - Markenraum Markenbildung Planung Büroräume .

Thinking about the branch of tomorrow
Workshop bank store+ 2014

bkp - Arbeitsräume Bank Architektur Raiffeisenbank Architektur .