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apoBank, branch BochumAn interactive communication branch with a new Corporate Design

The apoBank branch presents itself as a network hotspot with a multifunctional and interactive mode of working and branch concept. The concept idea has been rethought and is packed with innovations spatially connecting the consultants and customers.

Thanks to the branches new Corporate Design the Corporate Identity colors are prominent and a huge interactive module shaped like the company logo’s “a” can be found in the waiting area. With VR-Goggles and a sound shower the digital-orientated customer can virtually discover everything there is to know about the apoBank branch while waiting for his appointment. This interactive device does not only draw attention and catch the eye, but also, in combination with the open and communicative ambience, helps the customer to find their way around and gives the user virtual insights of all the services apoBank can offer. The spatial concept consists of an abstract cell structure, which forms room dividing elements and therefore creates a new transparency and proximity to the clients. The branch appears in a new style with open ceilings and visible technical elements. Instead of a common reception there is a screen in the entrance area to help customers with the navigation. The open waiting area, the centerpiece of the design, creates a blue core with spacious steps to sit on. From here the customer has a perfect overview over the waiting area and the oversized apoBank “a”. There are multiple rooms for the consultants on the back side of the blue core. These are fitted with interactive screens facing the customer meeting rooms to strengthen the interaction between the consultant and customer.


The working spaces adapt to the open spatial concept. Nevertheless, if necessary, or for events, the workspaces can visually and spatially be separated by a curtain. Several open and closed off meeting rooms are situated at the front of the bank. This creates an environment which promotes an agile way of coworking and allows room for discreet or open communication. Thanks to the wooden wall panels the whole working area has ideal acoustic qualities, therefore focused working can be guaranteed even if it is very busy and loud. The meeting rooms also appear in a new style featuring abstract health system themed details.


The new open-mind architecture at the apoBank creates an environment which allows for the consultants and customers to become one team. Due to the multifunctional space and the modular spatial concept, the branch offers, next to one-to-one counseling interviews, space for seminars and networking meetings.



Status: Completion 26.10.2018

Services: Interior design, Masterdesign

Size: 464 sqm

A blue statement

The new employee rooms are dominated by the CI color of apoBank

More than just good looks

The wooden wall panels provide excellent acoustics for the workspaces


apoBank Filiale Bochum


apoBank Filiale Bochum
Stadionring 1
44791 Bochum


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Heiner Kolde
Eva Boss
Nadine Bauer
Kathrin Manert
Lars Rexforth


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