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Bank & Retail

Kreissparkasse Heinsberg, Erkelenz main branchCreate confidence with brand architecture

With its newly built main branch in Erkelenz, Kreissparkasse Heinsberg shows itself to be a strong, stable partner in the region. Covering a total surface area of some 10,000 m², areas of contact and communication have been created for customers and staff that can be used in a range of different ways, reflecting the bank's business philosophy of putting people first: the style is innovative with lots of light and space, conveying a sense of pleasure in customer contact.

The large customer hall is equipped with multifunctional facilities and is also available for exhibitions and events with a capacity of up to 300 people. Service islands and various lounge areas promotes traffic and communication. Over-sized pendant luminaires provide orientation, establishing a link with the other levels – and giving the bank a simply unique flair. On the upper floors, the consultation rooms are arranged around the daylight-flooded hall. The bright, warm color scheme featuring wall-sized regional photographic motifs creates an atmosphere that inspires trust: welcome to Erkelenz main branch, welcome to your home region.

Status: Completion 2014

Services: Interior design

Size: 10.000 sqm

Awards:  1st prize in the competition

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The atmosphere in the management board area is distinguished and modern

High-quality materials, classic coloring, future-oriented styling

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Kreissparkasse Heinsberg


Main branch Erkelenz
Dr. Eberle-Platz 1
41812 Erkelenz


Banken & Retail


Heiner Kolde
Silke Voßkötter
Astrid Driller
Thorsten Mildes
Holger Nothnagel
Jörg Reinhold


Ralph Richter Photography, Düsseldorf


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