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Bank & Retail

Raiffeisenbank Bludenz, main branchThe most innovative bank of the year

The conversion of the bank’s main branch in Vorarlberg aims to create a center of living quality – an inspiring meeting place in which to feel good, relax, shop and lounge. The familiar customer hall no longer exists. Organically shaped, closed and half-open rooms alternate with open spaces that invite customers to come on in and explore the bank. Pendant lamps are distributed as if at random to mark communication points. The adjacent café further expands the portfolio, emphasizing the homely atmosphere. Consulting rooms re-interpret the classic wood-paneled study and show the impressive panorama of the local mountains. An individual brand space has been created that focuses on direct, personal encounters.

Status: Completion 2011 

Leistungen: Architecture, interior design

Size: 750 sqm

Awards: 1st prize in the competition
German Design Award: Winner Special Mention 2014
German Design Award: Nominee 2014
Geschäftsstelle d. J.: Bestes Hauptstellenkonzept 2013
Victor: Innovativste Bank des Jahres 2012

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bkp - Architektur NRW Innenarchitekt Umbau Bürogebäude .
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bkp - Planungsbüro Raiffeisenbank Architektur Bank der Zukunft .
bkp - Architektur Office Umbau Büro Kompetenzzentrum .
bkp - Bankplanung Umbau Bank Messeplanung .
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bkp - Architekten Unternehmen Planung Bürogebäude Messeplanung .

Our aim was to create a space for communication. A place where customers would forget they were in a bank – and yet not doubt for a moment that they were in one.

Dir. Betr.oec. Bernhard Stürz,
Raiffeisenbank CEO

bkp - Innenarchitekten Arbeitswelten Planung Büroräume .
bkp - Neue Arbeitswelten Generalplaner Bank der Zukunft .
bkp - Planung Büroräume Planung Banken Sparkasse Architektur .
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Raiffeisenbank Bludenz


Main branch Bludenz
Werdenbergerstr. 9
6700 Bludenz


Banken & Retail


Heiner Kolde
Silke Voßkötter
Astrid Driller
Andrea Heemeier
Holger Nothnagel


photoprop, Wuppertal


Raum & Architektur 12_2012
BDIA Handbuch 2012/13
bank objekte 10_2011