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Sparkasse Höxter, Bad DriburgFlexible and communicative on all channels

Enhancing the quality of customer relations is a key task facing banks as they ready themselves for the future. Sparkasse Höxter has always focused on the region and its people, and it continues to regard its branches as the most important point of customer contact. The bank’s new corporate design brings these values to life. Measures such as the renewal of all windows and the air conditioning system ensure the building is fit for the future. Its clear, open structure also gives it the versatility to cope with future demands. The Bad Driburg branch is now bright, friendly and geared towards communication and interaction – for both customers and staff.  

Status: Completion 2015

Leistungen: CD development, interior design

Size: 820 sqm

Communication and interaction

Strengthening relationships between the bank and its customers.

Communication and interaction

Strengthening relationships also among back-office staff.


Sparkasse Höxter


Höxter branch
Lange Str. 134
33014 Bad Driburg


Banken & Retail


Heiner Kolde
Sandra Böttger
Dorothee Dworack
Holger Nothnagel


Ralph Richter Photography, Düsseldorf


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