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Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold, main branch PaderbornVibrant marketplace for more communication

The conversion has created a center for qualified consultation with all specialists under a single roof. In future the center will bring all areas of banking expertise together, including corporate clients, private banking, construction loans, insurance and real estate. The bank aims to promote communication, information and flexibility and this is reflected in the new design. Lots of light, a high degree of transparency and a diverse range of touchpoints create a lively meeting place.

Various multimedia facilities of different sizes provide opportunities for customers to obtain information interactively at the consultation center, while bistro tables, benches and armchairs invite them to linger. The staff restaurant also has its own unique charm: with varied seating facilities, a coffee bar and an outdoor terrace it provides a distinctive, high-quality area which can also be used for customer meetings.

The main branch in Paderborn has become a place of encounter and communication, well-equipped for the future with its modern fittings and flexible possibilities.




Status: Completion 2016

Services: Architecture, interior design, workshops, feasibility study

Size: 2.600 sqm

Awards: 1st prize in the competition

Customer rooms which can be booked

Multimedia facilities for a wide range of uses and group sizes


Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold


Hauptstelle Paderborn
Hathumarstraße 15-19
33098 Paderborn


Banken & Retail


Heiner Kolde
Astrid Driller
Eva Kampfmann
Holger Nothnagel
Lars Rexforth


Ralph Richter Photography, Düsseldorf


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