BYK-Chemie GmbH
Converting an old warehouse into new working environments

As part of an extensive revitalization, bkp has converted an old warehouse into a modern working environment for BYK-Chemie GmbH, a company part of the ALTANA Group. Inside the formerly vacant industrial style building one can now find an innovative multi-space that promotes communication, interaction and also the recreation of the employees.

Status: Completion october 2019
Services: Corporate Design, interior architecture, architecture, change management
Size: 2.560 qm


main idea

BYK is a chemical company and produces chemical additives to refine product surfaces. These liquid additives became the central theme of bkp’s design concept, which not only considers the interior architecture of the building, but also the exterior of the new campus. The new corporate design combines the organic shape of the BYK logo, the colors of the corporate identity and the company’s product range into interior design concept of the new workspace. Flowing shapes, structures and levels that overlap can also be found outside and give the impression that the exterior and interior merge into one another almost without being noticed. The large window areas common to industrial halls allow an unrestricted view of the campus and support the feeling of being close to the surrounding nature inside the building.


relaxation &

Since BYK-Chemie is all about chemical, liquid additives for the refinement of product surfaces, the theme of "flow" was the guiding principle of our design concept for the new home of the IT experts: flowing shapes, structures and layers that overlap - if you do entering the lobby, you have the feeling that everything is in motion and connected. And this is exactly what the multispace office is designed for: Employees should move through their work environment and always take a place where they can best work on their task at the moment - on open space, conference rooms or telephone boxes - this is activity-based work.


Flexible Structure,
Green Oasis of Peace

A grid structure makes it possible to create zones in the multispace office not by walls but by flexible elements such as boxes, which can adapted to different work situations at any time. Retreat areas are mostly designed as indentations and - also thanks to generous window areas - establish a direct connection to the surrounding nature. This is reinforced by various shades of green in the quiet oases, which harmonize perfectly with the blue that runs through the entire building. Like the curves, which can be found in many room elements, it was taken from the company logo and is part of a holistic corporate design.



Abelstraße 45
46483 Wesel


Eva Boss
Silke Voßkötter
Vanessa Busemann
Lars Rexforth

© Annika Feuss

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