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CID "Smart Factory"
A different way of working

CID develops intelligent software solutions and products helping companies to digitise processes to make them more efficient. This requires intensive thought processes and creativity on the part of the employees. A suitable working environment can support them in this. That is why we created a ‘Smart Factory’ at their HQ in Germany with new working environments for the software developer, allowing for different areas to work, communicate or relax in – the perfect environment for turning Big Data into Smart Data.

Status: Completion 2020
Services: Corporate Design, Interior Architecture
Size: 6.000 qm


Room to work and relax

The new building with a view of the surrounding countryside is quite different from a conventional office, with a feel of leisure rather than work. Different floors are connected by slides, an imitated pool offers seating and lounging areas and rubber bands stretched between rooms invite staff to just ‘hang out’. These playful elements are part of the overall concept behind ‘Smart Factory’, which is to enable a completely different way of working. The idea is that if you’re happy in your workplace you are happier in your work and therefore more productive. The staff restaurant, the open CID Diner and CID Brain, where employees can view multimedia content to wind down from many hours of focused programming work or gain inspiration, further contribute to this concept.

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Team offices for focused working, an open centre for communication

Developing new software solutions is, of course, the focus at CID HQ, despite the playful aspects. A number of team offices with floor-to-ceiling glass frontage on both sides, each designed for up to four people, are situated on the first and second floors. This offers an inspiring view into the surrounding nature on one side, and a view into the open interior on the other, where there is additional space for collaboration and exchange. It becomes clear that whilst it is possible to withdraw into smaller office units for focused work, there is still a connection to everything else.

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Experiencing space with "Smart Factory"

Since it is important for organisational identification as well as customer perception to grasp corporate culture in terms of space, we picked up on the ‘Smart Factory’ theme in different areas through materials and visual details. Visible sheet metal air ducts and meshed metal on walls and ceilings lend the space a factory-like industrial character. To compensate for this, natural materials in shades of green and brown create a cosier atmosphere. The different themed rooms also reflect the corporate identity and its USP, with an oversized funnel in the entrance area symbolising how Big Data is being turned into Smart Data.



Gewerbepark Birkenhain 1
63579 Freigericht


Heiner Kolde
Eva Boss
Kathrin Manert
Linda Haupt
Felipe Dominguez
Bastian Zaldivar Mendoza
Michelle Laue

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