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DEW21, headquarters
In Dortmund for Dortmund

Straightforward and honest – bkp turns the brand promise of Dortmund energy provider DEW21 into a three-dimensional experience in new working environments created for the company’s headquarters. The design and materials are down-to-earth, including a bare ceiling in exposed concrete, natural wood and felt. The new advertising campaign featuring striking personalities from the Ruhr area is echoed in the design of the offices, appearing on the glass walls of the meeting cubicles. The existing cell structure is broken up to create a flexible, open-plan layout. Acoustic elements, meeting cubicles and so-called ‘energy charging stations’ provide quality contact zones. Here the CI colors are set against an otherwise plain color scheme. The ‘energy charging stations’ not only provide staff with facilities for coffee, tea, water and snacks to charge their own batteries, they can also charge their cell phones – though only by means of physical exertion: by pedaling a bicycle installation. DEW21 is simply different: straightforward and honest.

Status: Completion anticipated 2017
Services: interior design, change management
Size: 2.100 qm


with personality

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DEW21 Dortmunder Energie- und Wasserversorgung GmbH

Günter-Samtlebe-Platz 1
44135 Dortmund


Heiner Kolde
Sandra Böttger
Nina Hollberg
Gabriela Kiel
Holger Nothnagel

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