Küppersbusch Household appliances 2017LivingKitchen, imm cologne

At the core of the design concept lies the industrial cultural heritage of the Ruhr region, intended as a homage to the tradition and origins of a company that has since moved onto the international stage. The new trade show stand has the appearance of a large loft designed in a trendy industrial look. The style reflects personality and individuality – a reference to the Küppersbusch target group. The typical loft character is created by means of support structures, a look featuring exposed concrete and brickwork and also an open-plan layout. The atmosphere is further enhanced by means of a large arched window offering an evening view of the Zollverein Coal Mine industrial complex as well as accessories such as miners’ lamps and pithead baths. The stand is encased by a textile outer shell printed with abstract representations of steel girders. The fabric is slightly transparent to allow glimpses in from the outside and there are two openings for access.

Status: Completion 2017

Services: New design concept, interior design

Size: 230 qm

Industrial look as a homage

Miners’ lamps and Zollverein Coal Mine

Steel girder graphic

Semi-transparent fabric on the outside


Küppersbusch Hausgeräte GmbH


LivingKitchen, imm cologne 2017


Heiner Kolde
Eva Kampfmann
Melanie Sinofzik


photoprop, Wuppertal