take two | CAS Roomsbkp Edition

In time for the ORGATEC 2018 not only do we provide the room system CAS Rooms from Carpet Concept a new design but also new substance.

bkp’s CAS Room edition take two combines two uses in one room and therefore optimises space, functionality and costs. Inspired by topics such as flexibility, agility and multifunction it combines the functional and classic occupation of everyday work with the emotional and creative function of a micro architecture. By doing so, take two adapts to the users needs and its inside and outside can be transformed as needed. This micro architecture, as the working environment of the future, may seem small from a spatial point of view, but is very versatile with regard to its contents. To picture the different needs of potential future working spaces we designed three rooms: calling & rebooting as the smallest room, thinking & relaxing as the medium sized room and meeting & gaming as the largest room.

Calling & rebooting: the size of this room compares to a british telephone booth - it is factual, simple and represents sovereignty and professionalism. If I’m in the middle of a professional phone call I also want to feel professional - standing upright therefore helps. On the other side it’s also the smallest club in the world and offers a few seconds of applause & cheer. Just close the curtains, turn on the music and the disco lights and reboot for 60 seconds.

Thinking & relaxing: aside from the meeting room and workspace “Thinking” serves 2-4 people as a place to brainstorm and focus in a cozy atmosphere. In only a few steps “Thinking” can be transformed to its counter piece, “Relaxing” a space to relax and take a breath in the middle of a busy working environment. You take one step out of the everyday work life to find yourself sitting, or laying, in the middle of the forest.

Meeting & gaming: meetings are different and versatile, therefore this room has to offer the same flexibility. The relevant tools, like for example a table, whiteboard and touch screen, can be found ready to hand on the tool wall. The colourful and individual design inspires and offers, next to the meetings, a place for daily activities. A quick play of darts, a short table tennis match, playing the Wii or a spontaneous Yoga session help to clear your head and encourage to be creative.





Status: 2018

Services: product design

calling & rebooting

Dried rose blossom as outer shell for the applause shower. 



Carpet Concept & Lindner AG


ORGATEC 2018, Köln Messe


Exhibition, Product Design


Eva Boss
Vanessa Busemann


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