New Work Planung: Flexible und zukunftsgerichtete Arbeitswelten für Gothaer - bkp Architekten

Gothaer Versicherung, HQ
Go agile

With a new spatial concept, bkp has laid the foundation for Gothaer’s future agile work structures. The innovative and multifunctional working environment promotes the interaction of the employees and turns Gothaer’s company slogan “go agile” into a spatial experience. The open structure of the rooms offers individual and group workspaces as well as several “active corners”. The design of these special zones is inspired by nature and makes it possible to work between lush green meadows and hills or at lofty heights above the clouds.

Status: Completion June 2019
Services: Change management, interior architecture, general planning workphase 1-8
Size: 2.000 qm


The use of natural materials like wood and full-surface wallpapers, which allow the eye to wander into the distance, promote the employee’s mental well-being and let them enter another world. Thus, there are no limits to creativity, inspiration and interaction. For private meetings these areas can visually and acoustically be separated by printed curtains, which match the nature theme from the wallpaper designs. The workspaces offer height adjustable desks for ergonomic working and can be zoned by flexible dividing walls. These interactive and mobile walls are part of the acoustic concept and can also be used as whiteboards or room dividers. Therefore, depending on one’s needs, it is possible to work privately or to communicate and interact with colleagues.


project work
in the middle of nature

Nature was selected as the theme for the new work environments. It runs right through the different areas, each characterised by different images of nature: high above the clouds with a view of the Alps, or on the beach. The result was an atmosphere completely different from a typical office, inviting employees to work together at any time. Curtains, also printed with images of nature, visually and acoustically separate project sections from the surrounding areas, creating an ideal environment for focused team work.


Highly flexible concept of space

The different nature zones are equipped with mobile screens, whiteboards and modular furniture, a combination that creates the perfect working conditions. In addition, sliding walls enable the creation of different desk arrangements, from separate team rooms to open-plan areas for different work zones. The walls are acoustically effective and can be written on, thus offering multiple added value. The highly flexible concept of space perfectly connects employees with one another and can be adapted depending on requirements. It is completely geared towards desk sharing, offering Gothaer the ideal working environments of tomorrow, today.

Das Office der Gothaer bietet Möglichkeiten für unterschiedliche Raumkonstellationen.

Coffee Point creates identification  

With people spending less time at the office, there will be an increasing need for high-quality meeting areas to spend time in and exchange ideas, highlighting the benefits of the office versus remote working. This makes coffee points all the more important. Since Gothaer is based right in the heart of Cologne, we re-created the look of a typical neighbourhood kiosk for an identity-shaping place to communicate.


Gothaer Versicherung

Gothaer Allee 1
50969 Köln


Heiner Kolde
Eva Boss
Doris Büttner
Kathrin Manert
Vanessa Busemann
Moritz Stein
Linda Haupt

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