MVZ Euregio-ClinicHealthcare practice for children

The new practice for children at the ambulatory health care center of the Euregio Klinik does not only offer functional furniture concerted to the work operations, but one can also discover a piece of local nature here.

With its tree and leaf motives the facade design mimics the green surroundings of the building and also screens the inside from view. By taking a look outside the feeling is reinforced by the surrounding treetops.The patients are welcomed in a friendly forest-like atmosphere, where the roots of the counter encourage the young ones to climb and explore them. The roots also work as a shelf for the adults and their belongings when checking in. A wooden bird shape fixed to the wall invites the curious to explore and compare the different wingspan of stork, duck, sparrow and co.

A flock of birds beneath the ceiling guides the patients towards the waiting area. A play-nest and other creatures of the forest invite the children to play and help to shorten the waiting time. In regards to the environment the used chairs are made of recycled PET bottles. The forest theme in the waiting area promotes a stress-free environment and emits a positive calming atmosphere for the upcoming appointment.


The colour concept of the consulting rooms is inspired by the bird species robin, greenfinch, tomtit and chaffinch and by following their coloured footprints on the floor the different rooms are easy to find.

At the psychotherapy sector of the practice the homely character of the design promotes a sense of well-being. The green consulting isle with the rearward underwood structure creates space for flexible communication scenarios. A tree den can be braided with cord and cloths to provide shelter. This helps to playfully incorporate character trades of different forest animals like the shy doe or the cheeky badger into the therapy.

Structures, work sequences and hygienic standards have been incorporated into a stress free environment by an aimed used of concept related colours, materials and a visual guidance system. The well thought through concept promotes the quality of each stay at the practice and puts the well-being of the patients and the team at the practice forward.

Status: Completion 2018

Services: Design concept

Size: 240 qm

Thoughtful details


A seating niche with a highchair and a wooden bird statue to compare different wingspans help to pass the waiting time.

Treetops and forest creatures

The friendly forest-like charakter of the waiting area emits a calming atmosphere and benefits the patients wellbeing.


Euregio-Klinik KG


Bahnhofstraße 6a
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Eva Boss
Kathrin Manert
Michelle Laue
Thomas Meissner


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