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LivingKitchen, imm cologne

The kitchen has always been the focal point of any home and a center of communication. The innovative home appliance manufacturer has opted for product presentation consisting of five different house types. The different roof shapes are designed to reflect the diversity of Küppersbusch customers. The centerpiece of each of these houses is the kitchen – which is where the manufacturer engages in communication with its customers. Four houses appear in the CI color black, providing the perfect backdrop to showcase the appliances. The white house offers a striking contrast: this is dedicated to the theme of HEALTH. In addition, three-dimensional letters in lush green convey the company’s philosophy in catchwords: DESIGN, QUALITY, FUNCTION, INNOVATION and HEALTH.

Status: Completion 2013
Services: new design concept, development designguide, interior design
Size: 450 qm


Making variety tangible

Whether in a single household, a shared flat or a family household: for many, the kitchen is a much-loved focal point of the home and the centre of communication. With its product presentations, household appliance manufacturer Küppersbusch underlines this fact and, with its series, plays a significant role in the fact that kitchens are increasingly becoming personalised living spaces.


innovation, tradition, design
since 135 years


Küppersbusch Hausgeräte GmbH

LivingKitchen, imm cologne 2013

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