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The new workspace of the energy supplier NEW Netz in Mönchengladbach combines corporate design with interactive and multifunctional elements of daily needs. The company is responsible for the supply and networking of the region and the local and the regional electricity, natural gas and drinking water distribution network. In order to also supply the employees accordingly during their daily working routine and to help them to connect with each other, bkp has developed and implemented a new Multi Space that offers interactive project- and atmospheric retreat areas as well as multifunctional workplaces.

Status: Completion June 2020
Services: Corporate design, interior architecture, change management
Size: 1.945 qm


Freedom for
every aspiration

In addition to the CI typical magenta colour used for the design, the oversized apostrophe of the logo stands out as a striking element and forms the central core. Next to functional elements such as toilets, cloakrooms, mailboxes and technical pools, the coffee point, a large project room and a flex bench can also be found within this area and form the basis for mobile working. In contrast to the prominent magenta colour, black mobile boxes and wooden meeting rooms provide the additional functions required for everyday work in the future workspace.


the CI in 

Home office and desk sharing were also taken into account during our planning - models that were not previously common practice at NEW Netz GmbH. Thanks to a grid structure, the individual modules can now be flexibly adapted to different work situations. Only the central zone, where the coffee point, among other things, is located, forms a static unit. It is designed as an oversized apostrophe in the form of the company logo in the CI berry color - the identity-creating element in the multispace office, which is all about networked togetherness.

bkp Grundriss New Netz

Interactive areas
for more exchange

Interactive surfaces in the open multispace office encourage collaboration and spontaneous exchange. For example, an integrated wooden wall can be folded out and converted into a writable wall niche. In addition, there are other rooms for project work, as well as focus boxes that employees can use for video conferences, 1:1 conversations by telephone or as a place of retreat.


The change from a conventionally structured work environment to open workspace is always accompanied by a cultural change. That's why, before moving in, we held another workshop with the employees, in which they jointly developed common working standards. This contains rules on, among other things, loudness, cleanliness and order. They help to ensure successful cooperation.


NEW Netz GmbH

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