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bekuplast, headquartersArchitecture that is symbolic in character

bekuplast GmbH develops highly engineered storage containers: its new headquarters is an exemplary brand showcase. The company’s characteristic elements can be seen from a distance: the powerful symbolism of simple cubes whose varied coloring in CI green is reminiscent of stacked containers. The interior likewise takes up the brand design theme: white presentation furniture items with milling patterns that echo the company’s manufacturing techniques are used as a projection space for films and images. Products are impressively showcased on the walls in the hallways by means of over-sized photographs.

Status: Completion 2012

Services: Architecture, interior design

Size: 1.400 sqm

bkp - Architektur Unternehmen Innenarchitektur Unternehmen Bank der Zukunft .
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bkp - Generalplaner Planung Banken Corporate design .
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Over-sized product photographs demonstrate bekuplast’s innovative strength

Perspective shots run around corners for a three-dimensional effect

bkp - Architektur Unternehmen Corporate identity Bank der Zukunft .
bkp - Architekten NRW Corporate design Neubau Bürogebäude .
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bkp - Planungsbüro Neubau Bürogebäude Produktpräsentation .
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bekuplast GmbH


Industriestraße 1
49824 Ringe




Heiner Kolde
Silke Voßkötter
Dorothee Dworack
Janko Grode
Andre Kolde
Holger Nothnagel
Jörg Reinhold
Mareike Siepmann


sobott, Nordhorn


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