CID GmbHIntelligent and authentic: Smart Factory - the new digital factory

The software company CID knows how “big data” is transformed into “smart data”. Bkp shows how to transfer the digital work and thinking processes into the interior design concept of the 'analogue' work environment. With 'Smart Factory', the bkp team has created a new working environment for CID, in which they showed how to successfully combine the authentic style of industrial design with innovative and digital elements.

To create an authentic industrial character bkp uses visible ventilation ducts made of sheet steel and expanded metal along the walls and ceilings. An interactive communication zone that can be used both digitally and analogously runs through the centre of the building and across the various floors. It is supposed to imitate a production line character, natural materials such as wood as well as various green and brown shades create a cosy atmosphere.The ground floor with its representative foyer and various themed rooms illustrates what CID stands for. The reception counter in the entrance area visually represents a large cone that picks up data and incoming information, processes it further and ejects it as smart data at the end. The meeting rooms extending from the central middle zone represent the different product areas of the software company.

IIn the lower area of the 'Smart Factory', the central zone leads into the 'Super Space'. This spacious room can be used for workshops, training and events of all kinds. Equipped with a mixture of digital and analogue technology, i.e. presentation screens, describable walls and furniture that can be put together in a flexible way. All that combined with a clear view to the outside allows for an unlimited flow of creativity.

On the other side of the building, the wood-clad middle zone merges into the restaurant. Following the wooden surface along the floor along the seating steps on the stairs and through the large panoramic window into the garden, the visitor will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Spessart. The restaurant is dominated by natural materials and colours to create a natural and soothing environment. Wooden high table areas under a green roof made of hanging plants invite to have a sociable lunch break. A change of scenery offers the new CID “Diner” with cosy leather benches and food classics such as burgers, fries & co.


A special highlight is the 'CID Brain' placed in the restaurant area. The installation of an abstract brain as a symbol for the smart processes and products within CID. With its integrated lightning it also has a remote effect especially after work. The multimedia element is equipped with charging options for smartphones and headphones for music videos that run on the large screen on the opposite wall. Speakers are also installed. For example, the restaurant area can be used as a public viewing area for football broadcasts. The lounge chairs distributed around the 'CID Brain' can simply be put aside and stored elsewhere during the event.

For employees there are Team offices located on the upper floors, where they can immerse themselves into the digital world undisturbed thanks to acoustically effective dividing elements at the desks. The interactive middle zone offers different communication areas for meetings and spontaneous small talk. On the green seating landscape directly in front of the window front one can let his thoughts wander particularly whilst enjoying the view into nature. Elastic straps to lean into promote movement and creative ideas that can be places directly on the writable walls nearby. Telephone boxes are available for two-way calls and undisturbed calls.In order to quickly get from one floor to the next, there are tunnel slides that connect the different floors. For a short mental break in between, you can relax in the padded pool. This way, every employee at CID will find a suitable place for informal and creative exchange, meetings and relaxation.

The CID Smart Factory is the modern interpretation of an industrial atmosphere combined with natural elements, diverse communication areas and a high degree of digitisation.

Status: Completion 2020

Scope of services: Master Design, Interior Architecture

Size: 6.000 qm




Gewerbepark Birkenhain 1
63579 Freigericht




Heiner Kolde
Kathrin Manert
Linda Haupt
Felipe Dominguez
Bastian Zaldivar Mendoza
Michelle Laue


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