Renault AGFast lane: new workspaces for more "Passion for Life"

If you want to overtake, you have to change lanes. For this reason, Renault has given its company premises in Brühl a facelift which turn the brands claim "Passion for Life" into a spatial experience. With the innovative corporate design developed by bkp, the companies "lane change" can be actively and visually experienced. The interactive and versatile working environment for the employees visualizes the new corporate culture and supports the communication and teamwork. Colours and shapes from the corporate identity have been combined with new inspiring elements to create a work environment that promotes creativity and passion amongst the employees.

The diagonal lines of the Renault logo are reflected in the design of the new multi space and guide the way through the premises. Roads and traffic signs symbolize the topic of mobility and additionally help with orientation. The brand values of Renault such as dynamism, the innovative spirit, but also the down-to-earth mentality and tradition have been harmonised with the sophisticated colour, shape and material concept in a modern way.


Crossings on the „Main Street“ mark the transition to the telephone booths located at the side of the road, which allow for undisturbed phone calls within the otherwise open office environment.A traffic light indicates whether the box is currently in use or free. Workshop spaces, meeting areas and interactive communication zones can easily be identified through dynamic color surfaces and signage using pictograms for communication. The colourful walls shine in the companies CI-compliant yellow and fresh green and can be written on. Therefore they not only promote the creativity and interaction of the employees, but in combination with the wooden elements also illustrate Renault‘s claim to mobility in town and country.

Graphics on the glass surfaces of the workshop and meeting rooms pick up the most important milestones in the history of Renault, and, at the same time serve as visual protections well as creating a (visual) link to the company. Renault’s new workspaces offer openness and transparency as well as enough space for privacy and retreat. Thus, the company’s slogan “Passion for Life” can spatially be experienced in the room.

Status: Completion September 2019

Scope of services: Change Management, architecture, interior architecture

Size: 808 qm

Off to the green


The colored areas indicate communication zones for Small Talk & Co.


Next exit: meeting room


Signs with pictograms mark the communication zones.



Renault AG


Renault-Nissan-Straße 6-10
50321 Brühl




Heiner Kolde
Eva Boss
Nadine Bauer
Annika Köster
Katharina Schöler
Jasmina Reinartz


© Ralph Richter