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Restaurant Opgen-RheinThe art of transformation – restaurant or canteen

A changeable room concept allows the facility to be used as a lavish restaurant in the evening and a canteen at lunchtime. Decorations in yellow gold are retained in the facade, contributing to a pleasant, open and clear spatial concept during the daytime. The lampions are retracted and spotlights inserted flush in the ceiling provide independent lighting for all areas. In the evening, large, flowing decorations and the lowered lampions partition the elongated space. The service counter is now closed – and the look of the restaurant is completely transformed.

Status: Completion 2008

Services: Interior design

Size: 300 sqm

Awards: Würdigung Deutscher Innenarchitekturpreis

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From Ruhrpott canteen to pot au feu

The restaurant offers an unorthodox experience for those who love design and fine dining – it is different, creative and full of surprises.

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The art of transformation

The monolith opens, turning the restaurant into a canteen.

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Stefan Opgen-Rhein


Restaurant Opgen-Rhein
Wörthstr. 12
46045 Oberhausen




Heiner Kolde
Vanessa Schulzki


photoprop, Wuppertal


CUBE Essen 11_2012
TOP Magazin Ruhrstadt 10_2008