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Raiffeisenbank Bludenz
Most innovative bank of the year

The refurbished main branch in Vorarlberg is designed to become a ‘quality of life centre’, an inspirational place to meet, chill out and relax, shop and lounge. The typical customer hall no longer exists. Organically shaped, closed and semi-open areas and open spaces alternate, inviting customers to explore the bank. Apparently randomly scattered hanging lamps mark points of communication. The attached café further adds to the portfolio, emphasising the homey atmosphere. The meeting rooms put a new twist on the classic Alpine-style room made entirely from wood and show off the impressive local mountain panorama. The result is a highly individual branded space with a focus on direct, personal contact.

Status: Completion 2011
Services: Architecture, Interior Design
Size: 750 qm
Auszeichnungen: 1. Price in the competition
German Design Award: Winner Special Mention 2014
German Design Award: Nominee 2014
Branch of the Year competition: Best Head Office concept 2013
Victor: Most innovative bank of the year 2012

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Communication without limits

Boundaries are dissolving. Skylights and carpeted sections create freeform areas that correspond with the rooms. Anthracite shades are paired with the corporate colour yellow, blending into a stylish whole alongside subtle use of oak. The counter takes a back-seat visually, with two passageways guiding the customer flow. The usual service areas have been relinquished in favour of a reception desk. The unusually densely mounted suspension lamps are striking and vary in size and material, giving the impression of having been randomly scattered. They mark particular meeting points, such as reception, consulting and waiting areas and the café.

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Shop &

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bkp_Markenraum_RB Bludenz_Austria_Grundriss

Raiffeisenbank Bludenz

Werdenbergerstr. 9
6700 Bludenz

Bank & Retail

Heiner Kolde
Silke Voßkötter
Astrid Driller
Andrea Heemeier
Holger Nothnagel

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