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Dynamic workflow

Together with Passion – this slogan is proactively embraced by employees in the new working environments created by a transport and logistics service provider. Collaborative restructuring workshops were held to develop an optimum workflow, and the resulting multi-space concept simplifies interaction and promotes communication. Additional acoustically effective room partitions create pleasant acoustics as well as structuring the room as distinctive elements, at the same time allowing for sightlines to be established. Pathways run through the workspace like roads, interrupted by cubes in CI blue and yellow that protrude into the "road" as telephone boxes, informal meeting niches or printer pools. In terms of their formal design, these boxes echo the diagonal line of the company's logo. Meeting rooms and lounge areas branch off at abstractly interpreted crossroads and roundabouts, while the automotive sector is brought to life spatially by means of design drafts and individual illustrations. 

Status: Completion 2017
Services: interior design, change management
Size: 860 qm



A fascinatingly detailed graphic interpretation of an engine in blue, gray and yellow marks the way to the kitchenette, finally appearing to merge into the yellow of the coffee point.

The atmosphere is bright and friendly, and importance is attached to a high-quality environment: comfortable swivel office chairs, height-adjustable tables for everyone and upholstered meeting chairs at rustic-style wooden tables, while decorative lights provide professional basic lighting with warm, glowing accentuations. This working environment transforms the Rhenus Automotive Systems brand identity into three-dimensional experience, at the same time strengthening employees' sense of identification with their company. In this way, added value architecture enhances motivation and well-being: Together with Passion!


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Heiner Kolde
Eva Boss
Nadine Bauer
Lars Rexforth
Alexander Schmerler

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