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RIVV is a reliable partner for those in search of real estate, and in its new showroom conveys precisely what the company stands for: distinctive, high-quality real estate. It is as if you were entering an exclusive private apartment – after all, “personality is what makes all the difference,” according to managing director Kenderdine. Here, presentation of top-class real estate is enhanced by means of a perfectly matched setting: urban, exclusive and distinctive.

Status: Completion 2016
Services: interior design
Size: 200 qm


groundplan becomes

The showroom is designed in the manner of a modern loft: an ample hallway leads directly into the open-plan living room complete with adjoining kitchen and the dining and work area. The floor has a seamless, cement-based finish with blue lines: these are reminiscent of the symbols used in a layout sketch and mark out the cloakroom as well as fictitious entrances and walls. Contrasting wall and ceiling areas in dark blue echo RIVV’s CI color, creating a highly effective stage for the living areas. The steel shelf in the living room holds fine quality home accessories, at the same time serving as a showcase for the products available for purchase. RIVV staff workstations are located opposite the living and dining area. The centerpiece of the showroom is positioned in the middle: a panorama gas fireplace reminiscent of a pile of firewood. Glass panels on both sides mean the fire can be seen from all directions, radiating a cozy atmosphere. Here, real estate as a product is transformed into an emotional experience.


urban blue &
french rose


RIVV - Rheinische Immobilien-, Versicherungs- und Vertriebsgesellschaft

Oberkasseler Straße 161
40547 Düsseldorf

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Astrid Driller
Miriam Metje

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