bkp gestaltet multimediale Banken, in denen sich Kunden wohlfühlen

Sparkasse Bensheim
Meeting place for communication and brand experience

Being a guest at the Sparkasse: the café on the square in front of the bank makes it clear from afar that this is not a standard bank. With a variety of services and unusual features, the Sparkasse will become a communicative meeting place and attractive venue: charging stations for e-bikes and electric cars outside, for smartphones and tablets inside, as well as exhibition and information areas via interactive screens give visitors added value beyond the usual services. Large shop windows provide insights into the facility and at the same time offer an area for conveying messages and product information to the outside world. The striking reception area offers assistance and, with its strategic position, enables quick interaction and visual contact with the entrance area, self-service machines, waiting zone and brief advisory service. In this way, the Sparkasse prominently presents itself as a modern, competent and customer-oriented partner.

Completion: 2017
Services: Competition
Size: 200 qm

bkp gestaltet kundenorientierte Banken, die Orientierung und Kontaktflächen bieten

Connecting inside and outside

The open and structured architecture is continued in the interior. A clear arrangement of the functional areas and the clear lines allow customers to quickly find their way around and convey transparency and security. The rhythm of the façade is taken up and interpreted inside via slats. They create areas of discretion, but at the same time allow insights and visual contact. The consultation rooms are arranged along the outer façade and deliberately allow a view into the Sparkasse - if the customer wishes, a privacy protection can be pulled up. In this way, the Sparkasse also appears lively from the outside. In the consultation rooms, regional themes such as the local wine festival, the Odenwald or Auerbach Castle are visually picked up on. Each individual room has its own identity and offers a pleasant basis for a personal and customer-oriented conversation.

Different zones create a sense of well-being

The light-flooded entrance area appears bright and warm, the materials and colour scheme are timeless: Wooden elements as well as grey and white iridescent surfaces form a neutral background for the red accents of the corporate colour. Trees, carpet islands, a variety of seating and floor lamps create a warm and natural atmosphere in the bright and open building. The central atrium also functions as a meeting place, actively opening up dialogue and creating a new brand experience.

In order to maintain enjoyable acoustics in the large-area rooms, various sound-absorbing elements are used, such as acoustic ceilings, carpets, lamellas, moss walls or the elements suspended in the atrium, which are reminiscent of birds. An HSW system can be used to close the individual areas according to need, so that, for example, the consultation on the 1st floor is still accessible after closing time.

Sparkasse Bensheim

Bahnhofstraße 30-32
64625 Bensheim

Bank & Retail

Vanessa Busemann
Eva Boss
Kathrin Manert

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