Modernes Bankgebäude Sparkasse Iserlohn | Architektur von bkp in Düsseldorf

Sparkasse Iserlohn
Modern solitaire at the market square

The old building of the Sparkasse Iserlohn, a reflection of different building eras, with a contemporary and energy-efficient shell is converted into a clearly structured, modern solitaire located on the market square.

The main structure is designed in a clear way as a modern interpreted perforated facade with an alternating play of different floor-to-ceiling high openings. Facing the Theodor-Heuss-Ring, the building is brought up to street level and thus creates a clear address with a long-distance effect. The edges of the building are exposed and therefore create a obvious accentuated presence in the cityscape. Thanks to the opaque elements of the perforated facade made of light natural stone, the previously undefined building structure transforms into a down-to-earth urban building block.


Completion: End of 2020
Services: Competition, architecture, interior architecture
Size: 11.000 qm

bkp_Sparkasse Iserlohn_Hauptstelle_Innenarchitektur

Omnichannel market square

The new, bright and friendly main entrance leads visitors directly into the spacious, light-flooded customer hall. When it comes to the dimensions, this new marketplace is much more compact and at the same time more functional than the original customer hall. The new concept turns the interior into an innovative marketplace. Right from the start, the customer not only encounters the service points, but also the multimedia experience zone of the Sparkasse Iserlohn. This zone serves as an innovative, active acquisition area.

Using touch displays, the customer can digitally discover the latest Sparkasse products and is informed, for example, about the Sparkasse Lifestyle Flatrate. In addition to a Sparkasse bank account this will, in future, make it possible to conclude a membership in regional associations, for bicycle and car sharing in Iserlohn, as well as other mobility offers and to get discounts from regional service providers. The common thread that connects the entire furniture ensemble in the customer hall, both visually and in terms of content, develops along the customer hall and makes experience areas visible.

bkp_Sparkasse Iserlohn_Hauptstelle_Architektur_Ansicht1
bkp_Sparkasse Iserlohn_Hauptstelle_Architektur_Ansicht2
bkp_Sparkasse Iserlohn_Hauptstelle_Architektur_Ansicht3

Sparkasse Iserlohn

Schillerplatz 6

Bank & Retail

Heiner Kolde
Eva Boss
Silke Voßkötter
Nadine Bauer
Nina Hollberg

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