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Sparkasse Iserlohn, headquarters
Motivating Work Environment

The headquarters of Sparkasse Iserlohn has a new home directly adjacent to the main branch in the two upper floors of a shopping mall. Previously the headquarters were spread over three different sites for historical reasons: now they are combined as a single entity. Workshops were held to actively involve staff in organizing workflows and designing their new workplace. Over a surface area of 2.600 square meters, a new, motivating working environment was created that is functional and closely geared to staff work processes, optimizing the exchange of information between employees and ensuring flexibility with regard to future change. It is a place of encounter that translates corporate identity into a three-dimensional experience.

Status: Completion 2013
Services: Interior design, workshops, feasibility study
Size: 2.600 qm

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The end of the individual office

The board of directors provided a very clear brief: the smallest office size permitted was to be for 2 people, and even that should be the exception. The new environment should be marked by more communication, transparency and flexibility. Staff at Sparkasse Iserlohn were involved with these requirements early in the planning process in order to create the best possible space solutions. Workshops were held to intensively analyse processes and develop organograms identifying and considering all key functions, including the soft factors. The result was included in the floor plans and developed further in consultation with the bank. Staff were therefore actively involved in designing their new workplace, resulting in a bright and airy office.

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color surface
instead of walls

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bkp_Neue Arbeitswelten-SK-Iserlohn-Verwaltungszentrum_NRW_ Besprechungsraum-05

Sparkasse Iserlohn

Schillerplatz 6
58636 Iserlohn


Heiner Kolde
Silke Voßkötter
Sandra Böttger
Holger Nothnagel

© photopro, Wuppertal

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