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Sparkasse Rotenburg
A Striking Landmark In The Town Center

The new branch office of Sparkasse Rotenburg Osterholz creates a striking corner situation at the center of Gnarrenburg. The architecture has an emblematic effect yet fits well into the existing structure. The characteristic local shape of the tilted roof is interpreted in contemporary style and integrated appropriately in the building. The facades are in classic north German brick but certain sections feature open brickwork where a special bonding technique is used. In these sections the light shines through the walls, so as dusk falls the building begins to glow from the inside. Since the branch is slightly set back from the street front, a small square is created on Hindenburgstraße that encourages people to stop and linger, forming a counterpart to the village square diagonally opposite.

Status: Design 2013
Services: Architecture, interior design
Size: 800 qm

bkp_Markenarchitektur_Sparkasse Rotenburg-Bremervörde_Gnarrenburg_NRW_Detail

modern integration
in a traditional town

The bright two-storey customer hall acts as an appealing meeting point, with information boards and a variety of vending machines for use out of hours. The expressive shape of the roof really comes to the fore inside; it defines the customer hall, making it bright and airy. At the same time, the familiar pitch shape conveys a feeling of solidity and safety.

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Sparkasse Rotenburg Osterholz

Filiale Gnarrenburg
Hindenburgstraße 59
27442 Gnarrenburg

Bank & Retail

Heiner Kolde
Silke Voßkötter
Sandra Böttger
Holger Nothnagel

Katja Pahl
Thomas Völlmar

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