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Stadtsparkasse Versmold, main branch
Architecture combining traditional and modern elements

Traditional and modern style: two different buildings interrelate with one another to form a new entity. The 1970s low-rise building has been given a new facade that gives it a more contemporary look. The new building with gabled roof has a strikingly pure shape that echoes traditional structures but transposes them into the modern age. In terms of urban layout, the latter provides the boundary to the street area and establishes a connection with the adjacent buildings due to its cubic form. This reinforces the characteristic townscape of Versmold.  

Status: Design 2011
Services: Architecture, Innenarchitektur
Size: 1.750 qm

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glass passage
old and new

The new building being oriented with the eaves along the street creates a visual transition towards the low-rise building. This gives the 1970’s structure the impression of a head building, marking the end of the street with its slanted corners. Dividing the structure into gabled and flat roof sections visually reduces the length of the building, such that it fits the scale of Versmold town centre.

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Stadtsparkasse Versmold

Münsterstraße 15
33775 Versmold

Bank & Retail

Heiner Kolde
Silke Voßkötter

Manuela Batram
Janko Grode
Holger Nothnagel

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