Teekanne Hauptverwaltung Duesseldorf neue Arbeitswelten

Teekanne Headquarter
Company history can be experienced spatially

A long-lasting company history, modern production techniques and a huge selection of both classic and innovative tea flavours: Teekanne GmbH is where tradition meets modernity. This can now be spatially experienced at the company's headquarters in Düsseldorf.

Status: Completion june 2020
Services: Corporate Design, interior architecture, change management
Size: 1.000 qm

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Working environments
that allow
for more identification

Two challenges had to be faced when designing the new working environments: On one hand our aim was to integrate the long history of the Teekanne culture into the new working environment. It should be noticeable in every corner. Especially in current times and in the future, with an increasing proportion of employees working from home, it is important to emphasise the corporate culture in order to strengthen the employees' identification with their employer. On the other hand, a Multispace had to be created that offered opportunities for collaboration, creation, but also spaces to retreat. In order for this to succeed, a close cooperation with the successive generation of the founding fathers of the family business was enormously important for the design process.

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Office Teekanne Hauptverwaltung Düsseldorf Grundriss

In workshops with the management level and the employees proceeding the design concept we discovered what working as a team at Teekanne should look like in the future. Based on this jointly defined corporate culture we began planning the new open working environment.

Arbeitswelten von bkp bei Teekanne in Düsseldorf

The corporate history is present everywhere

Quotes of the Teekanne founders written on walls, a table in the shape of the number 1882, the year the company was founded, partition walls with industrial-looking glazing reminding of the flair of the days gone by: Teekannes' history is present everywhere. On the first floor, right where tea used to be packed, large-format picture motifs on glass tell the story of the family business. In other places, the stories of today are told at the "Tea Point", which is one of the places where employees can come together for spontaneous exchanges. Here, too, the company tradition can be experiences by means of various elements: the brass cladding is reminiscent of those historic tea tins that characterise the Tea Point stacked on top of each other in the form of a wall graphic. The highlight of the room is a historic original teapot pendant light.

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A cell structure enables
retreats in Multispace

For an effective exchange with colleagues working from home using telephone or video conference, there are small and large retreat areas such as individual offices or meeting rooms. The cell structure allows for spatial units within the open Multispace, desk sharing can be implemented at any time. In terms of materials, an authentic natural character runs through the new working worlds of the Teekanne office. We used, among other things, oak wood, steel profiles and cast stone flooring. Only small color elements are used for accentuation.

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Kevelaerstraße 21-23
40549 Düsseldorf


Eva Boss
Linda Eggers
Kathrin Manert

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