Volksbank Ruhr Mitte, NEXT
Next Generation Banking

The VB-NEXT branch demonstrates what banking is about today: a future-oriented advisory center for younger, digitally aware customers. It combines interactive communication channels with person-to-person on-site consultation. NEXT stands for expertise and personality, and makes its finance solutions come alive on all channels – a new blend of service and lifestyle.

Status: Completion 2018
Services:  interior design, corporate design
Size: 300 qm

Omnichannel Banking bei der VB Next | Bankenplanung von bkp InnenArchitekten

Next Level

Everything is different here: exposed, painted concrete with visible technology and a gray concrete screed floor. Honest and transparent. For rapid orientation there are suspended light strips and floor graphics with lettering to guide visitors through the branch. The extensive wood paneling contrasts deliberately with the otherwise technical look, creating a warm, trusting atmosphere. The styling derived from the bank’s logo enhances the dynamic spatial effect with its rounded edges. There is an intentional out-of-the-box element at the welcome desk, too: the three-dimensional logo folds out of the wall as a striking accentuation.


corporate design


the bank for digital
oriented client

Meanwhile the blue band running through the room at differing levels forms a hands-on activity space. It is clearly visible from outside the building and communicates the bank’s core themes: whether real estate, finance or pension schemes – this is where information comes alive. Real estate search is supported by virtual reality: products can be exhibited and literally become tangible, while interactive displays guide customers through the complex world of finance products. “Our aim is to generate a sense of enthusiasm among our customers by offering added value and a whole new design”, says Jörg Lott, Head of Retail Banking. “We’ll regularly be featuring new developments in this space.” Customers can naturally charge their phones if they wish, and coffee or cold drinks are available, too.
The focus continues to be on person-to-person advisory services, and nine individually designed rooms are provided for this purpose. Themes such as career, family, travel and the outdoors give each room its own distinctive atmosphere. They illustrate customer stories that exemplify customer needs and vividly convey the bank’s central mission: “The driving force behind what we do”. Video chat can also be used for consultation or the involvement of an expert.


Volksbank Ruhr Mitte

VB Next
Kaiserstraße 62
45699 Herten

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Kathrin Manert
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