Weidmüller CTC
Let´s connect

Weidmüller is the expert for electrical connection technology. A new Customer Technology Centre was built at the Detmold headquarters, which makes the brand claim "Let's connect" a spatial experience with a holistic design concept and connects employees in open workspaces.

Status: Completion 2018
Services: Change management, interior architecture
Size: 11.500 qm


Staff restaurant with a view into nature

Connections play a defining role in Weidmüller's new building in several respects. There are various meeting points for spontaneous exchanges. For example, a lounge-style coffee point or the bright, open staff restaurant, which also welcomes customers. A striking feature is a large, three-dimensional logo element that impressively highlights the idea of connection in the central section. The view of the surrounding nature, which visitors can enjoy through large glass fronts in the restaurant and which connect the outside with the inside, is also impressive. Likewise, the various meeting and project rooms along the large, multi-storey atrium are glazed, so that a direct connection to nature is created here as well - a calming element as an antipole to the sometimes stressful everyday working life.


Different rooms for different needs

In addition to classic desk spaces designed for desk sharing, the central zone offers space for meetings and ad-hoc discussions. In addition, there are small retreat niches for taking a break or for 1:1 exchange. The result is a modern office that offers the perfect working environment for every situation - visually characterised by the CI orange that runs through the various rooms as an invigorating colour element.


Weidmüller Interface
GmbH & Co. KG

Klingenbergstraße 26
32758 Detmold


Petra Dohn
Eva Boss
Michelle Laue
Thomas Meissner
Andre Kolde

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