building better healthspacesstrategic - functional - emotional

we are bkp!

The future is NOW: together we create your personal health-space of the future.

modules and optimised spaces Due to medical progress as well as changes within the public health sector, health-spaces are in a constant state of change. Intelligent floor plan layouts save money and provide security for the future.

In the last 5 years there was as much technical development as in the previous 50 years before that!

healing architecture A simple orientation and the specific use of materials, lightning and the acoustics of the room improve the wellbeing of patients, employees and relatives and have proven to promote the healing process.

Patients expect a stress free environment that they don’t want to leave.

optimised work sequences User driven navigational concepts and clearly divided functional zones offer short distances for patients and staff. The use of easy to clean materials support the facility-management.

The focus lies on structures, processes and hygiene.

holistic health Thanks to digitization, the omniscient patient meets the health system eye-to-eye and expects a constitutional living environment as the normal condition.

Health is the synonym for a good life.

healthy workspace In the constant fight over competent employees there’s a need for a work environment which increases concentration and regeneration. Employees are demanding infrastructures for a physically healthy workspace.

Recruiting employees is one of the big challenges of the future.

storytelling With your input and our creative know-how we’re going to tell your individual spatial story.

Wellbeing starts with a smile - so do our concepts!

change management In workshops with the policy-makers the essentials are determined and the base for a successful project is set. Including the employees in this process is generating trust and enthusiasm for a fruitful future.

It’s not about “renovating” a building - but cultivating a new spirit!


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