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PSD Bank Nord, head office HamburgThe existing building will be given a new face

The striking PSD Bank annex gives the main Hamburg branch a new face. Rounded corners, a slight curvature, light-modeling panels and blue accentuations establish a link with the bank’s CI through the color scheme and the cloud association. At the same time they give the architecture a light, open feel. The large display windows projects the corporate philosophy to the outside: transparency and customer orientation. This is supported by means of a stair and ramp landscape that provides a barrier-free link between the newly designed customer hall and the public space. Thresholds have been done away with, while an inviting gesture has been created to communicate the brand identity persuasively and consistently – both in the urban environment and on the inside. The atmosphere inside the customer hall is defined by references to dune grass, beach huts and blue skies with fluffy clouds. These are CI elements which will be introduced to other branches in the future: the abstract beach hut depiction is always used as an emotional and functional symbol of real estate presentation, for example.

Status: Completion 2016

Services: Architecture, interior design

Size: 1.200 sqm + addition 460 sqm

Awards: 1st prize in the competition




PSD Bank Nord eG


Main branch
Schloßstraße 10
22041 Hamburg


Banken & Retail


Heiner Kolde
Silke Voßkötter
Astrid Driller
Stefan Falk
Holger Nothnagel


Archimage, Meike Hansen