bkp - New Work Themenwelten Bank der Zukunft .

Bank & Retail

Volksbank Ruhr Mitte, main branchStriking shops feature the logo in three-dimensional form

The new annex houses the real estate center, comprising the real estate, home loan and insurance departments. Each area has a striking shop in its own distinct color: anthracite, wood and the CI color blue. The outer shell featuring the logo in 3D emerges out of the ceiling: it appears to hover, creating fascinating insights and glimpses. Underneath are the consulting areas with references to specific local features that establish a link with the region. A brand space has been created that generates a sense of identification with the bank and raises brand awareness.  

Status: Completion 2014

Services: interior design, workshops

Size: 4.000 sqm

Awards: 1st prize in the competition



bkp - Markenraum Planung Bürogebäude Umbau Bürogebäude .
bkp - Planung Gebäude Produktpräsentation Geschäftsstellenkonzept der Zukunft .


Volksbank Ruhr Mitte eG


Main branch
Goldbergplatz 2-4
45894 Gelsenkirchen


Banken & Retail


Heiner Kolde
Janko Grode
Holger Nothnagel
Andre Kolde


Christoph Wasserhoven, pixelbau.net