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Kreissparkasse Euskirchen, investment consulting center
Storytelling for enhanced identification

Frankfurt, Zurich, London, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo – these themed rooms bring the world’s financial hubs together in Euskirchen, thereby symbolizing the global connections and cosmopolitan attitude of the bank’s specialized investment consulting services. Top quality consulting – the new premises translate this into an emotive experience by conveying each theme in premium detail. The customer is guided into the space with gently flowing shapes and is immersed in a stylish, more gently-paced atmosphere. The dark lasered wood paneling of the walls contrasts with the light gray ceilings and floors, giving the room a distinguished ambiance. The fan-like layering of oak ribs effectively brings out the quality and vertical structure of the material.  

Status: Completion 2014
Services: interior design
Size: 300 qm
Awards: German Design Award: Nominee 2015
Deutscher Innenarchitekturpreis: 2014


Inviting the world to Euskirchen

A slightly tapered hallway leads to the meeting rooms, the narrow section marking the threshold to the more private area. Behind, the hallway opens out to a square, its particular shape reflected in a second illuminated ceiling, giving the room a sense of light and space. The signpost placed in the centre is significant, already offering a glimpse of the overall concept, since the meeting rooms are dedicated to the financial capitals of the world. Each room is themed after a city with its own specific atmosphere. Furniture, lamps and colour scheme further reflect its character. In addition, a large-format panoramic view of the city gives the illusion of actually being there, looking out at the skyline.


view of the 


Kreissparkasse Euskirchen

Bahnhofstraße 20
53879 Euskirchen

Bank & Retail

Heiner Kolde
Silke Voßkötter
Astrid Driller
Holger Nothnagel

© Ralph Richter Photography, Düsseldorf

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