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Lawyer's office Kuka
Identity and space

The law firm presents a striking and highly distinct identity: the prominent green is derived from the CI and is applied in the public area of the firm's premises. A counterbalance is provided by rounded elements in a warm timber finish that mark additional functional areas such as the reception and waiting area. The door signs are designed as speech bubbles featuring each lawyer’s personal motto. Shapes and colors reflect the overall corporate design and are combined to create an individual brand space.

Status: Completion 2011
Services: interior design
Size: 330 qm
Awards: German Design Award: Nominee 2014

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brand space
with personality

The colour extends across the floor like tape, along the opposing walls right up to the ceiling. Rounded edges cancel out the room boundaries, further enhancing the effect. A loop made of massive beechwood nestles against this wide, ring-shaped structure on both sides, marking the transition to the alcoves for waiting and reception areas.

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Rechtsanwalt Klaus Kuka

Kanzlei Kuka
Marktstraße 97
46045 Oberhausen


Heiner Kolde
Astrid Driller
Janko Grode
Holger Nothnagel
Jörg Reinhold

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