Zeven headquartersFlexible working environments

The new administrative headquarters of Sparkasse Rotenburg Osterholz is to be built at the heart of the town but in a park setting. Its brick facade perpetuates the local architectural tradition, reflecting the bank’s connection with the region. The building is to become a shared center of enhanced communication and interaction. The S-shape of the structure not only provides sweeping views of the surrounding landscape and town, it also creates courtyards and meeting places for staff. The various activities are supported with a wide range of different office scenarios. The new working environments are being developed in close collaboration with staff themselves, who are involved in the design process by means of workshops which generate enthusiasm for the new concept. A flexible working environment promoting a stronger sense of identification – and therefore increased success. 

Status: Completion 2017

Services: Architecture, interior design, workshops

Size: 10.000 sqm

Awards: 1st prize in the competition

Multi-space instead of open-space


Varied activities require differentiated facilities

bkp - Innenarchitekt Markenidentität Filialgestaltung Architektur .


Sparkasse Rotenburg Osterholz


Verwaltungszentrale Zeven
27404 Zeven




Heiner Kolde
Silke Voßkötter
Mariana Cheresharova
Janko Grode
Nina Hollberg
Katja Pahl
Thomas Völlmar


Ralph Richter Photgraphy, Düsseldorf