Tea(m)work surrounded by tea

The spatial concept for a pilot space for the marketing team of Teekanne in Düsseldorf tells the story of the production process of tea followed by the invention of new tea flavours. The natural colours and materials used for the workspace create a calm and harmonious atmosphere and represent the character of the product itself. Color nuances picked from the palate of tea combined with wood make the workspace seem warm and peaceful.

Status: Completion 2018
Services: Interior design, change management
Size: 400 qm


A tea mountain, the centrepiece of the design, portrays the tea plantations shown on wallpaper surrounding it. It can be used as a communication platform for the marketing team employees and, thanks to flexible table elements, can also be used as a temporary workspace. The different levels of the tea mountain are padded with carpet and it’s dynamic shape offers space and seating possibilities for multiple  workgroups at the same time. The room is divided by dominant wooden fins combined with storage space to present finished products and prototypes.


Teekanne makes 
the tea

The new multi space is a space for exchange and to interact. The personal work places appear in neutral colours to promote focused working and are separated from the zones for meetings and communication by wooden storage elements and acoustic panels. Acoustically effective curtains serve as blinds for the conference rooms.


Teekanne GmbH & Co. KG

Kevelaerer Straße 21-23
40549 Düsseldorf


Eva Boss
Doris Büttner
Meike St.John
Thomas Meissner

© Ralph Richter