Working environments at Renault
Into to future in the fast lane

To overtake, you have to change lanes. In terms of space, this meant out with single office units and in with open-plan spaces for Renault’s head office in Germany. Based on a jointly developed corporate culture, we created interactive, versatile working environments enabling a new, agile way of working together. The corporate design developed by us creates an elegant setting around the automotive theme and provides inspiration for employees.

Status: Completion September 2019
Services: Change management, architecture, interior architecture
Size: 808 qm


Efficient use of office space

Upon entering the car manufacturer’s premises, it quickly becomes clear that there are more people working in a relatively small surface area than single office units could accommodate. Different areas are used according to work requirements, such as desks or integrated think tanks for team working. Glass cladding makes it possible to still feel like a part of the whole, however. You can see what's going on around you and maintain (eye) contact with others, which is the key idea behind the open-plan working environment. Those who prefer to go to the office instead of working from home typically want to see their colleagues. Staff at Renault do like to come to the office, where a bright and cheerful atmosphere contributes to everyone’s well-being. This is created by a large-scale window frontage, combined with various natural shades, as well as the typical Renault yellow weaving through the space.


Phone boxes as retreats

Despite the spatial connectivity, certain situations do require smaller places to retreat to for one-to-one conversations or confidential phone calls. To this end, Renault installed two phone boxes. Both are equipped with a traffic light that turns to red when the box is occupied. They provide a perfect blend of practical functionality and identity-shaping design. The same goes for the road signs installed at various corners, providing orientation and explaining what the respective working area is used for.


Making way for how we work in the future

The new working environments have enabled Renault Germany to successfully change into the fast lane towards the future. Firstly, the open structure promotes agile working and different types of situations. And secondly, the fresh corporate design provides a sense of identity, turning Renault’s brand slogan – ‘Passion for Life’ – into a spatial reality.


Renault AG

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Heiner Kolde
Eva Boss
Nadine Bauer
Annika Köster
Katharina Schöler
Jasmina Reinartz

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